About MV

Adrian Perryman


In the world of music Adrian is known as DJMV. From a young age he was exposed to a wide variety of music. It has always been important in his life and he enjoys bringing music in to the special events of others.

He is a native of Saint Paul, Minnesota where he attended Central High School. He graduated from Concordia University St Paul in 2007 with a B.A. in Communication Studies and a M.A. in Strategic Communication Management in 2018.

Music is a powerful form of communication and when used properly it can make all the difference.

You have to know music to be a good DJ. To be a great DJ you have to know music and know how to present it to an audience.

He started as a DJ in high school. He went from house parties to dances to nightclubs to concerts to weddings and beyond. He learned something new from every event. He learned that you need reliable equipment. He learned you need to know your audience. He learned that it takes more skill than the ability to answer a classified ad in the newspaper to be a DJ.

All of the events, from 12-hour dance marathons to club nights in downtown Minneapolis to fashion shows to college and high school dances, have supplied him with the skills to make your event a memorable one.

When you hire Events by MV you are hiring Adrian “DJMV” Perryman. He is a DJ with years of experience. He has personally been the DJ for hundreds of weddings and thousands of events. He looks forward to making your event a special one.